Soulwarmings Chilloutmix

swSoulwarmings Chilloutmix by Mykotonic

Have a listen here>>

1. The Shimmer Effect – Lost Indoctrination
2. The Shimmer Effect – Underbelly
3. Jed Rabid – Tie me down
4. The Shimmer Effect – Human Complex
5. Jed Rabid – Tasteless
6. The Shimmer Effect – Spinal Flow
7. The Shimmer Effect – Fuzz
8. The X- Structure – In the morning
9. The Shimmer Effect – The Beautious Black
10. The Shimmer Effect – Enceladus
11. The Shimmer Effect – Royal Pig
12. Lady Zuse – Tropospherical (instrumentalmix)
13. The X-Structure – Beauty to Behold

All tracks (except 12.) are released by Bushmen Records Southafrica

All tracks in this mix are released under creative common (Gema free)


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